Today the internet was down at the room, so I decided instead of napping to go exploring.  If you haven’t taken the time to explore all of the little nature trails and gardens that Pratumnak Hill has to offer and you spend your time running on a treadmill and getting nowhere fast, you should definitely change it up.

There is a little nature trail that runs just in front of the Meteorological building (near the free outdoor “body weight” gym”.  It is a very quiet little path and completely shaded from the hellish sun over Thailand.  We must have been hiking around for about an hour or so and saw maybe 1 other runner.

There were a crazy number of squirrels on this trip. Perhaps with everyone being terrified of the COVID and staying locked in the house, they too have increased their population like the monkeys in Lopburi.  I included some of the photos we took whilst walking around.  Nothing newsworthy but just an all around relaxing trip with beautiful scenery and more importantly, fresh air!

Some Photos from the Outing:

90% of the Trails are Covered by Giant Trees To Keep You Out of The Sun
There are plenty of benches to stop and catch your breath or just relax and watch the squirrels run around.


Stumbled Upon A Pair of Lovers Doing Their Thing….This is Pattaya after all…
One of the Trail Heads Starts Just Across from Royal Cliff. If you see this thermometer, go to the right and into the woods.


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