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If you are following along with our fishing series then you should have already been able to find the equipment you need and the essentials bait wise. Now let’s discuss some of the saltwater fishing holes around the area so that you can get your line in the water and have a chance at catching something decent.

If you want to catch up here is part one:

There are tons of places that you can go throw your line in the water and pray to the ocean sprites to bless you with a fish. There are also lots of places that no amount of prayer in the world would suffice to get a fish on your hook. Here are a few of the best places for surf/pier fishing around the city that you may actually be able to land something worth telling a story about (in no particular order):

#1 Pratumnak Beach between Soi 4 and 5. There is a newly finished renovation of this area but the fishing remains the same. You will find plenty of parking for motorbikes in the vicinity and the closest 7-11 is about a 4-minute walk. As you drive down Pratumnak Soi 5 and come all the way to the bottom it will come to a T. Do not take the beach entrance directly ahead of you, turn right and drive a bit until you reach the next beach entrance on the left.

As you are entering the parking area the beach will be directly ahead of you. Hit the sand and start walking to the right. The beach will turn from sand into a rocky little alcove. This is a prime spot during medium to high tides to throw your bait out. The most successful bait for the area is generally live baitfish or live (or dead) shrimp. In the evenings there will be a few other people fishing down the bank but there is always plenty of room for more people.

This is a harder area to access for people with disabilities as the rocks are somewhat sporadic and the drops between them can be significant during low tides.

#2 Cozy Beach Secret Spot- On Pratumnak hill on the Kasetsin side, you will find Cosy Beach. It is a semi-secluded beach right at the end of the road near The Chocolate Factory. There are two entrances to the beach. One is a walking entrance and the second is a small parking lot. You will want to take the entrance with the parking. From there you walk to the end of the parking lot and on your left-hand side will be a fence. Someone has cut a hole in the fence and you are able to slide right through. Walk down through the trees until you hit the water. This hole actually takes you to the backside of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club.

The best time for fishing in this area is right as the tide is coming in. You will be able to spot schools of baitfish swimming back and forth and if you time your casting net throw correctly you will end up with all the bait that you need for this spot.

This is also a great place for laying out line nets in the evenings to catch crab and you may also snag yourself some fish that are big enough for eating. In the evenings you can see the mussel and clam collectors walking in the shallows and collecting buckets of shellfish.

This photo was taken from the concrete pier

#3 Pattaya Lighthouse and Stone Pier- On the backside of Bali Hai pier you will spot the Lighthouse and pier. The stone pier is only accessible in the evening times as during the daylight hours there is a locked fence. If you try to get up there during the day, you may end up with a 10k baht fine for trespassing.

In the evenings however the stone pier gate is opened and many locals head out there with their green lights, long bamboo poles and car batteries to power them and they settle in for a long night of squid fishing. The best bait in this area is shrimp and squid (living, Frozen or dried). People have pulled some extremely big catches in off of that stone pier.

The pier also makes a great place to view any Pattaya fireworks events that are going on as you are pretty well right in the middle of the bay when you walk to the end.

#4 Naklua Fishing Pier- In Naklua on Soi 12 you can find the Naklua fishing pier. It’s not so much a pier as a concrete jetty but it is a favourite spot to fish for the locals when the tides are high. In the evening you will also see lines of Thai crab fishermen in the water wading around checking their nets.

This is not a free spot to fish. There is a little old man sitting at the front of the place (in a guardhouse across from the restaurant) that you pay a 50 baht entry fee. He also will rent you a long bamboo crab net for a small rental fee (very cheap) and if you have your spotlight handy you can use it to haul out some crabs of your own.

These are the best places to start fishing until you get an understanding of the area. The key is to find out where the locals are fishing and what particular baits they are using for the area that you are in. The fish at different places prefer different menu items you will have to find out what is working in that area at that time of year. In all of these areas, there will always be someone local that knows what kind of bait to use. When in Thailand, do as the Thais do.

This concludes Part 2 of Angling/Fishing in Pattaya. In the next part of the series, we will show you some cool freshwater ponds and lakes that are fun to fish in the area. The freshwater fish here get big…like Jurassic big. If you get lucky you can haul some river monster-sized fish out of these holes so stay tuned.

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