The psychology of bar girls in Pattaya

The psychology of bar girls in Pattaya

By: Ian White

This article was contributed by Ian White from Pattaya private investigators” (with “Pattaya private investigators”

Ladies from all over Thailand travel to Pattaya with the goal of working in bars and the nightlife scene. Although we don’t want to make sweeping generalizations about these women, their reasons behind choosing to work underneath the red lights in Pattaya are often similar.

It will come as little surprise that the motivation for many women to work in Pattaya bars is money. For ladies with no education beyond high school, there are few opportunities to earn more than the meager Thai minimum wage. Working in bars can offer the potential of higher earnings for these women, with the work being less monotonous than menial jobs such as factory or supermarket work.

In Thai culture, the daughter of the family is (usually) responsible for supporting their parents in old age. Many bar girls also have children, usually living with their parents, that they are responsible for supporting.

For many women, bar work is also seen as offering a pathway into a highly desirable relationship with a foreign man. If a lady doesn’t speak English, working in bars can provide a great opportunity for her to pick up and practice the language while earning money at the same time. It is also a good place for them to meet potential boyfriends.

As most Pattaya regulars will strongly advise against entering into serious relationships with bar girls, it’s an interesting concept that some ladies entered their profession with the ultimate goal of meeting a partner in the bar.

Many ladies, especially young women that are new on the scene, really do enjoy their jobs… After all, they’re getting paid to drink alcohol, dance to loud music and joke around with their friends for most of the night.

Bar girls eventually learn to separate intimate relationships with their clients from the emotions that typically come with this type of intimacy. This is something that foreign men can struggle with, and why many of them find themselves in relationships with bar girls. The psychology behind learning to suppress their emotions and dealing with clients in this way is one reason why many guys see them as undesirable for long term relationships.

Ultimately, bar girls are in their profession to support themselves and (usually) their families. They aren’t inherently bad people because of their jobs, but we think it’s wise to think twice about entering romantic relationships with them.

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