Want to be a Bar Manager in pattaya? Want to live here and make money? Here is your chance!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to live and work in Pattaya?

Are you naturally extroverted, a people person, love to party and have a good time?

Are you good at social media and at self-promotion and networking?

Are you able to drink alcohol and have a high tolerance and ability to function normally even when drinking?

Well, We have an opportunity for you!


The Nightwish Bar Group, the largest group of Bars in Pattaya, is currently looking for talented people to join their team as Bar Managers and have asked us to do a write up to help them recruit. The Nightwish Group currently has 25 bars in the city and continues to grow.


There are a few basic requirements besides what was posted above. Keep in mind a few of these are not hard requirements but preferred:

-Ideally, be between 25-45 years old. That’s not a hard limit but generally the age range which has succeeded due to the party environment and customer base.

-Not be on your first trip to Pattaya or new to the city overall. Visitors come to the bars and seek knowledge from managers so a new visitor doesn’t generally work out. Those who have been coming for years are preferred.

-Love Pattaya. Love the city, Love the nightlife, Love to party, Love the women and love people. Being passionate about the city is important.

-Be able to speak English, which is what most of our customers speak.

-Be physically and mentally healthy. The job demands long hours and time invested and does involve being able to drink alcohol.

-If you are not naturally sociable and extroverted, the job is not for you. You will be talking, hosting and meeting people from around the world and networking with them online for ten to twelve hours a day daily.

-If you are a bad drunk, aggressive, angry, annoying or blackout, the job is not for you.

-Be in Pattaya now or be planning to be coming very soon. If you are 5000 miles away and have never been to the city, the job is not for you.

-If you are known by other managers and people and they can give you a positive reference this is VERY important.

-prior bar experience is not needed and in fact, the Night Wish group prefers those who are not experienced and who they can fully train and support.

Fit these Basic requirements? Ok, read on.

What does the job entail?

The job requires six days a week, ten hours a day shifts. Every manager gets one day off a week to relax.

The primary job of a Bar Manager is hosting and entertaining customers. An applicant should be naturally entertaining and able to easily make friends.

A Bar manager is also responsible for all aspects of the Bar, which includes management of the staff, recruitment, facility management, expense management, promotion and social media and meeting financial goals.

Exact pay will be discussed to qualified applicants. If you are interested please send an email to Nightwishgroup@gmail.com. Include your name, age, experience in Pattaya, references (if you know any current managers or well-known people in Pattaya this can help you a lot.) and why you believe you can be a good bar manager. provide an alternative phone contact as well.

Good luck!


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