The Night Wish Group Pattaya

Would You Want To Choose?

Perhaps, like many others you have a strong opinion as to how the government should be handling the CV -19 pandemic. Some people seem to favor the Swedish model in which that government has...

Providing a Rationale for Today and Girding for the Future

Today, Thailand entered Phase 2 of its recovery plan. Shopping malls are opening; the curfew has been relaxed a bit; some of the local stores which had been shuttered are opening. In Pattaya, many...

One More Reason To Love Thailand

I will turn 70 next month. Like many seniors, I have had a variety of medical and dental problems which have increased in frequency over the last ten years. With regard to the dental...

Make Decisions Based on Data, Not Drama

In 1999, there was a tragic shooting at a Colorado high school. The perpetrators murdered twelve students and one teacher. As a result of that event, many American schools adopted draconian policies such as...