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Blogs from Kim Waddoup, a local Pattaya resident who specializes in Golden Age blogs and information pieces about Pattaya and Thailand in general.

“Time for Reflection – Time for Future Visions”; Pattaya Tourism 2020 and beyond

Time for Reflection – Time for Future Visions – Pattaya Tourism 2020 and beyond. We live in unprecedented times and never has the world had to react so drastically to safeguard its’ communities, and as...

Health Massage In Thailand

Article by Kim Waddoup: Massage is a way of life in Thailand. Parents massage their kids to relieve growing and young muscle pains, children then help their parents by massaging their aches, additionally, it is...

Obtaining a VISA to China

By: Kim Waddoup Obtaining a Visa for China Visas have long been an annoying inconvenience for travellers since biblical times and it is thought that the Passport was first introduced by Louis XIV 1643-1715 when he...

Heat Rash-Why it appears and how to get rid of it, by: Kim Waddoup

Staying Healthy in Thailand Original article found here, reposted with permission: http://meanderingtales.com/heat-rash-appears-get-rid/ Heat Rash also known as Prickly Heat or Miliaria is an annoying and trying affliction that affects a great number of people both...