Written By Bryan Flowers

I believe with the right amount of time training, teaching, experience and influencing people,  most people can be successful business owners, but they need to have the right mindset. (but that’s part of the training also)

Business owners are looking for staff with the right training and experience to work for them to carry out tasks.

Entrepreneurs are looking for people with the right mindsets, it can be a long and lengthy task to change peoples mindsets, it costs time and money to change the way people to think, to open up their mind and to have them on the same speed. 

Mindset is all where it starts from, that’s what I like to write about on my personal website, future books and how I am able to have so much stuff going on around me.

I meet many people and I have looked at many “failing” businesses or should I say failing mindsets.  I don’t blame people for having their mindsets poisoned, not everyone is on the self-development train or are aware of how much other people can poison there mind.

Recently I was helping consult on a bar and after I left, the failing bar owner said that I am only making money by doing a pyramid scheme,  I pride myself on honesty and hate people stealing, so was pretty angry at first about that comment, I was also angry that our team works so hard 7 days a week and all that was disregarded and written off as theft. 

Anyway, then I remembered that his mindset was at an all-time low, then he went on to attack all his customers for various political reasons. I tried to not take it personally, its not easy facing failure, so its easier for people to cling on to excuses as they walk away. Let him walk away happy that he felt he did his best and that I must be stealing if that’s what he needs to look himself in the mirror every day.

Here are a few traits I notice

  1. They do not advertise their business, or do any branding in any way
  2. They blame external forces, brexit, low season, flu, currency exchanges
  3. They don’t adapt or change anything including renovations
  4. They look at successful business owners and make excuses why they are successful and not them,  often they say the successful guys are doing something illegal like a pyramid scheme, selling drugs etc and they are good and honest….   (with that mindset you have locked in your failure)
  5. They are jaded with Thailand in general or have given up
  6. They do not trust people, therefore they have never elevated a team to run the entire business
  7. They think customers just want cheap prices
  8. They are not people persons
  9. They seem to listen to the wrong people and don’t ask the right people that are really successful, because they already convinced themselves several reasons why successful people are only making money because all the wrong reasons

There are many business owners with a mixture of these traits but are still successful,  for example, so many people do not advertise, but they have a great location, great staff or they have a great manager.   But they are missing out on a lot and letting their staff down in lost sales and tips.

The Author, Bryan Flowers is the founder of The Night Wish Group,  The Addicts Group of Forums and The Pattaya News.  He is also a business consultant, and likes to write about leadership, motivation, productivity, high performance, mindset, business and self-development on his personal website.  He aims to inspire and help people.

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