Drinkers rejoiced when it was announced that Thailand would now be lifting the booze ban for the entire Kingdom. According to Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Krue-ngam, from Sunday 3rd May, it will again be possible to grab a few beers from your nearest vendor.

To be fair, it’s still possible that the indecisive powers that be may change their collective minds before then. Of course, the drinkers among us will be hoping that the announcement is going to hold firm.

During these times, mainly on social media, the pandemic has caused many differences of opinions and the topic of drinking alcohol hasn’t escaped that either.

Okay, if you don’t drink, the angst among those who imbibe, can seem somewhat laughable. But for those of us who enjoy a drink, whenever we like, it has bee a hard slog that has made the lockdown even more of a struggle.

The curfew still remains, as does the closure of bars and other entertainment venues here in Pattaya and pretty much all over the globe.

So is this turnaround a sign of things to come in the not too distant future? The local newspapers are full of stories of hapless curfew breakers getting hit with a hefty fine from the boys in brown.

As with the previous ban, the government are fond of making decisions pretty much on the spot and they are not averse to reversing them the next day.

Bearing that in mind, it’s probably not a bad idea to stock up on Sunday just in case Monday’s news is full of ‘New Alcohol Ban in Place’

Hopefully that will not happen, but in The Land of Smiles, anything can happen.

How do you feel about the ban being lifted tomorrow?

Will it make the current lockdown a little easier to take, or will it make no difference?


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