According to whatever source you find the most credible, Thailand and Pattaya are soon to kick the current COVID-19 lockdown into touch and are due to bring back a new version of normal to the Land of Smiles. Meanwhile, in downtown Pattaya, the old version is in full swing as a work truck managed to take out a bunch of electrical wires in front of Walking Street!

Indeed, this invoked memories of many similar cock ups that Pattaya locals are witnesses to on a weekly if not daily basis. But to be fair, this level of incompetence is one of the reasons why some of us fell in love with Thailand in the first place.

Thankfully, this ‘accident’ saw zero casualties and things were back to the usual organised chaos in no time at all.

Here’s a reminder of some of the most common Health and Safety nightmares that many of us have seen or experienced whilst visiting or living in Pattaya:

  1. Almost being electrocuted by the hotel fridge
  2. Swimming in the hotel pool and having the pool cleaner add harmful chemicals without warning you to get out
  3. Taxi/Coach drivers falling asleep on the highway with a full load of passengers
  4. Being on a motorcycle taxi whilst the main man is texting someone
  5. Riding your motorbike during Songkran only to be hit with a bucket of ice directly in the face – happens all too often

You see, although traffic accidents account for up to 45 souls who meet their maker on daily basis here in Thailand, it’s the smaller details that stick in our memories

Question – what is the worst example of incompetence that you have seen in Pattaya/ Thailand?

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