Pattaya Unplugged’s recent blog post regarding the possibility of our favourite town/city starting over with charging cover and adopting the Western style of nightclubs and bars certainly ruffled plenty of feathers.

In fact, the general consensus was pretty much against this new style working at all.  Typical replies were: ‘They won’t get my money for sure’ and ‘No chance’.

That’s all well and good but apart from those who live here or are just too far gone to consider other destinations, where else would you go?

Okay, there are other choices here in SEA Asia, so let’s pick three of them and see how they stack up against our beloved Pattaya.

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Choice One – Philippines

Probably the popular choice as it offers plenty of places to choose from:

Manilla – It’s a heaving city more akin to Bangkok but even dirtier, or at least it was prior to COVID-19.  The girls are everywhere and are very nice, although I prefer the Thai ladies. The bar areas are fairly close together but still not as many as Pattaya and traffic is pretty horrendous. Poverty is all over the place and, sadly, that is evident in all of these choices. The gogo dancers do seem a little more enthusiastic here but that probably depends on the night you visit.  The biggest plus point I think is that there seems to be more daytime action compared to Pattaya.

Angeles City – Similar to Manilla in that the action starts just after midday here and the gogo bars are very lively until they close. Prices are cheaper as the bar fine usually includes the tip for your special lady. However lady drinks are actually more, which is weird. The beer bars here are called sports bars and these are far less plentiful by comparison. Late night disco pick up joints are probably more of a draw here than Pattaya but the girls are far more keen on Short Times instead of all-night sessions.

Pros – English is widely spoken, bars get lively earlier.

Cons – The food is nothing special, in fact it’s probably the worst out of all SEA countries. Hardly any massage parlours compared to Pattaya

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Choice Two – Vietnam

Long since a backpacker’s paradise, Vietnam also has some decent nightlife for those into P4P. Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi being the main players here. Well the woman in Vietnam are considered to be as beautiful as their Thai counterparts, even more so, but that of course is down to personal taste. Massage parlours, barbershops with blow jobs and designated red light districts are a plenty and that’s good news!

Allegedly, the bar girls in Hanoi are more conservative compared to their Southern cousins, but you’d have to them both and compare. The best place to find quick sex is online but there are a myriad of pick up bars and nightclubs that are also home to easy pickings. Motorbike girls are almost everywhere after dark and prices are not that different to Thailand. If you pick up a freelancer, be a little careful with your dong!

Pros – Some of the hottest women on the planet!

Cons – Not as much fun as Pattaya or the rest of Thailand for that matter!

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Choice Three – Cambodia

This country is not exactly a newcomer on the scene but it is fast becoming a popular choice for the mongers amongst us. The girls are more laid back compared to the Pattaya players and they seem to have naturally larger breasts. But that’s, again, for you to find out and compare! Dark skin beauties are everywhere and the cost of P4P is considerably lower than in Pattaya. Hostess Bars are a good place to find your lady for the night and for happy endings, there are a very good selection.

The main cities in Cambodia for this type of fun are Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Food is cheap here and accommodation is also very inexpensive. You could also look at Siem Reap and Koh Kong for some interesting places to come and stay/play.



Cheap and very cheerful and  isn’t that enough?


Well, it’s a bit of a dump in places and you might bump into Gary Glitter!


Question 1– Which would you choose and why?


Question 2 – If not these choices, then where?

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