Amidst the myriad of news stories covering COVID-19, a somewhat more familiar headline is doing the rounds today. According to sources, an Ambulance in Bangkok was speeding towards hospital when the back doors suddenly flew open and the patient was thrown from the vehicle and straight into the busy road!

Not exactly uncommon here in Thailand and neither is this a welcome distraction from the pandemic swamped news we are used to reading about online and in the broadsheets.

Currently there hasn’t been an update regarding the poor lady’s current condition but we can only hope that she survived this horrific example of incompetence.

For those of us who live here, it’s really just one more story of organised chaos that can be filed away mentally with the rest of our Thailand memories.

Just when it looked like Thailand had started to turn a corner, with their lauded way of handling COVID-19, this happens and brings everything back to the Status Quo of how this country really works.

Don’t get us wrong, Thailand is a lovely place to live so long as you are prepared to expect the most bizarre occurrences at the drop of a hat.

Question for our readers – What is the craziest thing you have ever witnessed in Pattaya and how did it personally affect your view on living here?



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Phil Hall is a novelist and long-time Pattaya fan.  His newest novel, Pattaya 2020, follows the misadventures of 3 fun seekers who stumble into a massive culture shock ending in unlikely romance and near death experiences with a jolly good twist at the end.  You can find Pattaya 2020 and Phil’s other published works by CLICKING HERE

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