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Pattaya 2020 – A Novel Idea (Interview With The Author)

For many of us the paradise known as Pattaya is somewhere we may have visited once, twice maybe five times in recent years.  For some, Pattaya has been an escape or holiday destination for...

Unplugged Interviews: Barry Upton – English Musician, Songwriter, Producer and More

Unplugged:  Please give us a brief bio about yourself so our readers who may not know you can get a feel for who you are. Upton:  I'm Barry Upton, a self-confessed 'pop tart' (or musical...

Unplugged Interviews – Kevin McKeown : Expat Fitness Addict

Unplugged:  Hello Kevin can you introduce yourself to the community Pattaya Unplugged? Kevin:  Hello, everyone, I'm Kevin McKeown I've stayed in Pattaya now three years and I've loved 99.9% of it.  Times are hard at...

Unplugged Interviews- Seb from La Poste (Soi Lengkee)

Unplugged:  Please start by introducing yourself. Seb:  Sure, my name is Seb and my wife owns Bar Club La Poste on Soi Lengkee here in Pattaya. Unplugged:  Bar Club La Poste is one of the more recognizable...